We grow the highest quality “meat” on Earth.

In milk.

We use a proprietary fermentation technology (we developed) that can be implemented anywhere there is a milk supply. It is by far the most economically mindful protein technology to grace this planet.

Remember, humans require 50+ grams of pure high essential amino acid protein per day. That’s a lot of protein when the population hits 10 billion people in the coming years.

Our technology can deliver where others cannot or are decades away from commercialization. All we need is milk from cows, water buffalo, sheep, goats and camels. And we can make meat.

Our math

  • A 1200 lb slaughtered cow yields 500 lbs of meat.
  • A dairy cow produces ~ 3000 gallons per year.
  • That dairy cow can be milked for 5 – 6 years
    yielding 15,000 – 18,000 gallons of milk.
  • Food Lab makes 1 pound of meat per 1.25 gallons of milk.
  • That equals 12,000 – 14,400 lbs of Food Lab meat per cow vs 500 lbs per slaughtered cow.

Food Lab is focused on massive protein processing today. For tomorrow.


Here’s why every country should join us:

  • We are focused on protein everyone can afford. No expensive cell culture processing here.
  • We use a natural resource: milk. No synthetic biochemistry or genetically modified organisms.
  • Our process works at all scales. No high-priced process plants required.
  • We will build plants and employ people in every country. No advanced degrees required.

We make zero waste.

Food Lab is a zero process waste company.

All co-product liquid is upcycled into energy drinks. Those drinks are
served at our Fresh Craft Energy Drink Bar and or bottled for retail

Zero waste = good business.

Food Lab is an intellectual property-based business.

  • We make & sell meat. Retail & wholesale.
  • We own & license our restaurant businesses.
    • Food Lab
    • Workout Burger
    • Fresh Craft Energy Drink Bar
  • We make & sell upcycled energy drinks. Retail & wholesale.
  • To learn more, contact us at info@foodlabfood.com